All Type of Sweets/Snacks Recipes easy to prepare for Tea time

நேந்திரம் சிப்ஸ் l Kerala banana chips l வாழைக்காய் சிப்ஸ் l Home-Made
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Yellow Banana Chips, most famous South Indian snack enjoyed by one and all. Banana chips easy and simple homemade chips made from raw banana. Crispy Raw Banana Chips and Hot Tea make a best snack-time combination. Make it fresh and store it for 3 – … Read More

Sweet Pongal Recipe | Chakkarai Pongal | சர்க்கரை பொங்கல்
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சர்க்கரை பொங்கல்-Sweet Pongal Recipe-Chakkarai Pongal is one of the famous south Indian special recipe which is making on pongal festival celebrates on January month every year, especially for farmers .Sakkarai pongal will make in a new clay pot in all … Read More

Achu Murukku-அச்சுமுறுக்கு-Achappam-Rose Cookies with Eggs
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Achu murukku -அச்சுமுறுக்கு-Achappam-Rose Cookies with Eggs is a sweet version of murukku varieties made with a mold .It is very popular in South India. A crispy, popular and delicious flower-shaped murukku. It is a very easy recipe and kids will … Read More

Pasi Paruppu /Moong Dal- Payasam | பாசி பருப்பு பாயாசம் – With Jaggery & Coconut Milk
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Paasi Parupu Payasam is a one of many varieties of payasams in south India, especially popular in Kerala and Tamilnadu. The use of paasi paruppu (moong dal) in its preparation makes it even healthier .This paruppu payasam recipe follows the … Read More

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Arisi Payasam | Rice Kheer is a traditional sweet made during weddings and also prepared when we invite guests to our home. Arisi Payasam is a classical dish which is made with few ingredients. But to that when we add … Read More

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Tasty Soft Mysore Pak is South India’s most famous sweet and gets its name from its city of origin – Mysore,I am a great fan of Mysore pak, Mysore pak recipe is prepared with just 4 ingredients, it has to … Read More

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Tasty Gulab Jamun is a very popular dessert in India. Most of us opt for Gulab jamun recipe using readymade, store bought Instant mix as its easy and quick to make, cheap in price compared to other sweets in shops … Read More

Puffed Rice Laddu-பொறி உருண்டை-Pori Urundai-Murmura Laddu-Lai ke laddu-Muri unda- Easy to make Puffed Rice Balls
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Puffed Rice Balls/Pori Urundai must be a nostalgic treat for everyone.This sweet reminds me and take me back to my childhood days,Its one of my favorite treats till this day,A old man used sell these every day infront of our … Read More

Tasty Vazhakkai Bajji –You love this while Raining- Raw Banana Bajji – Plantain Fritters -How To Make Raw Banana Bajji
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Tasty Vazhakkai Bajji/Raw Banana Bajji is a favorite evening snack with tea, also while raining Bajji smell will tempt you have this with Tea & Chutney, It is a very easy and quick recipe which can be done within 10 … Read More

Super Crispy Homemade French Fries | Perfect French Fries| Crunchy French Fries| how to make French fries
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French fries are very delicious, French fries are one of almost everyone’s favorite foods, also every kids love this so much ,French fries dipped in a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise are divine Choosing the potato for your homemade French … Read More

Christmas Laddu |Dates & Nuts Laddu | Dry Fruits Laddu Recipe | Easy Dates Laddoo(Ladoo)
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Dates and nuts laddu /Dry Fruit and Nuts laddu is naturally sweet and very healthy full of nutrition, You can try this ladoo with any of your favorite combinations. Dates and raisins are used as sweetener, so there is no … Read More

Potato Murukku Recipe Quick & Easy|Diwali Snacks Recipe|Instant Murukku Recipe|Chakli Recipes |Instant Chakali Recipe
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Tasty Potato Murukku is one of easy instant murukku recipes in INDIA and all over the is very tasty and delicious and soft to eat,I love instant murukku which I made with readymade idiyappam flour as its easy and … Read More

Banana Flower Vada
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Tasty Banana Flower vada /Vazhaipoo vadai is a very healthy veg recipe and also taste so yummy. We can also make thoran, poriyal with it. But the tasty dish is making delicious vadas from it.Today we will learn how to … Read More

Thirunelveli Halwa | Iruttu Kadai Halwa Tirunelveli Halwa|Diwali Sweet Godhumai Halwa recipe | Wheat halwa
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Tasty Tirunelveli Halwa is a very famous and delicious sweet in ancient city of Tirunelveli which is located at South of Tamil nadu. It is also known as Iruttu Kadai halwa, it is made from Samba wheat Milk especially for … Read More

Crispy Onion Rings-Easy snack recipes-Healthy snacks-How to Cook Crispy Onion Rings
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Crispy Onion rings are a classic snack that’s eaten all over the world, So here we bring for you the most easy way to make tempting and mouthwatering Onion rings! Homemade delicious, crunchy ones with my simple recipe. Onion rings … Read More

Thattai Recipe/Thattu vadai Recipe
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Thattai Recipe(Thattu Vadai/CHEKKALU/NIPPATTU/Thattai Murruku) is one of our family favorite Crispy Snacks.All are make this recipe mainly for Diwali & Gokulashtami & Krishna Jayanthi festival season, All kids will love this very much also most of us love crispy spicy … Read More

Carrot Burfi -Gajar Ki Burfi-Easy to Prepare -Diwali Recipe
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Tasty Carrot Burfi or carrot fudge recipe is a classic Indian dessert made with carrot and milk. This burfi is packed with all the goodness of carrots. Carrot burfi tastes absolutely divine. Everyone, young and old enjoys traditional homemade sweet. … Read More